Thursday, August 21, 2014

Soldier's Girl

I finally watched Soldier's Girl last week. Particularly like this song. Amazingly horrifying that society still harbors such resentment and fear over people of "different-ness". Maybe some day in a Utopian future we can find peace...


Saturday, July 7, 2012

a tad on the late side

Happy belated 4th of July.

I really meant to make an effort to come write but life got the better of me. Seems the way it is these days and I'm ok with that.

The 4th was fun here. Had friends, food and festivities. What more can a person ask more? Well, good sex but that's for another day ;) 

ta ta


Thursday, May 17, 2012

cause they are cute...

After their grooming. 

I sometimes wonder if perhaps I'm going to end up being one of those little ol' ladies whose best friends are her pups...?? LOL. They are fun, naughty enough to stay cute, keep my feet warm, don't talk back (although they do tattle). All I need is a maid and a chauffeur *wink*

ta ta


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

indigenous to moi and pppfffttttttttttt...pokey things

I've managed to get over my frustrations with others; for the most part. I actually did learn something about myself after I took my friend home. Which is simply amazing I'd say considering my current level of perfection *wink*.

I am inherently a, analist perhaps? In many ways. I find often that I put people way above what they can achieve, attempt to achieve or are willing to achieve. Of course this does root in the way I view myself, life, etc. so of course I am attracting all of this silly nonsense. But I did relearn that I need to take a step back and revamp this outlook. That I don't need to be so aloof, standoffish, etc. That there isn't a need for me to be in a position of "having to do all". Learning to accept others for who they are (and that's a tough one) and just moving on when I need to. Rather than when people get too close. Clarifying what I want with regard to others. This thinking perhaps stemming from the reality of "I'm only human" (I know, hard to imagine, isn't it?). And that I am physically mortal. The universe (as it were), definitely has this very unique way of sharing insight with a person. Interesting how the pieces of life fall the way we place them. One thing I know I need to "get over" is feeling guilty if I don't like someone, they don't "fit me", don't live up to my pompous assedness, etc. Then I think to myself, you shouldn't be so pompous. silly of me to think that...

So, now I am in my a-typical PMS modal; with a dash of dom drop. We had an event this weekend and while I wasn't particularly interested in playing with anyone except one lovely and delicious gal whom I had previous arrangements I did end up playing with one little gal who is the cutest little thing ever. I didn't know she was attending and I am glad she did. She is the bubbly and cute type that I really enjoy. And has the roundest little handfuls of boobies. Nummy. But the best part about playing with her is that she giggles and laughs. There will be some subspace moments of eyes rolling back, etc. but god, playing with her is like a shot of O M G goodness. So I needled her boobies and played with her for a bit. Breath play, slapping, tickling, poking; rinse and repeat (not necessarily in the order either). After playing with her life was better. She is so "do-able". A bit later one of the male doms, whom I actually respect, was paddling her and I walked over, got the a-ok and then played with her boobies, squeezed her neck, bit her, etc. while he paddled her. Fucking YUM. Saturday was our rope class and demo which was fabulous. Our instructor was just THE best. His energy was contagious and I definitely started feeling a bit better than I had earlier in the day. Thurs evening I had enjoyed a mojito or three and Friday morning I felt a tad off although later in the day I felt just fine. Saturday though I wasn't feeling very up to doing much although I think most of it was just the aftermath of built up stress and such. I almost wanted to bail on the event but I knew it would be good so I hung in there and decided to go. And it was. And now I'm cranky and tired. And it will pass...

ta ta


Thursday, May 3, 2012 blogger layout;

I actually logged in with the intent of perhaps writing something of great note but instead I'm working on becoming accustomed to the new dashboard layout. Simple enough to navigate; just don't like the color scheme. It's B O R I N G.

As for boring, my life has become a monotonous humdrum of annoyances and people who are beginning to make me want to go postal...ppptttthhhhhhhhhtttttttttt

Ok, to clarify somewhat, I am actually just fine and life is pretty awesome. In fact it's really awesome. I just have one piece that needs revising (a friend visiting that wasn't all that he appeared/let on to be) and then it'll be better. The other general bitching is leftover from "I need a break week" from just being busy with work and socializing. Although I do get caught up with doing and sometimes that includes the doing for others (second nuture) and I have to let some of that go. The second nurture stuff that is. I have moi to nurture. Working on that...

I have to say it's my own stupidity that brought on my single most current person frustration. Ye olde monkey wrench that when I get rid of one, I seem to replace with another. In some fashion. First lesson I didn't pay attention to: one should not go against one's gut instincts. Alas, I felt the need to be magnanimous. Note to self; avoid generous offers extending longer than 12-24 hours. All I can say is that I need to figure out what is possessing me to take such a huge step downward in the type of people I am attracting. Now it's not all; just a few. I know much of it is my ability to take care of myself, having a stable home and work life. And I project that quite a bit apparently. Maybe too much as it attracts those of needy nature bit time. Which if I'm not careful needles my need to nurture nature. Blah.

No needy to nurture at sake of self.
~~ Ancient EE saying.

ta ta for now


Thursday, March 8, 2012

International holiday event coordinator

I have decided that we, as a global community, should all celebrate the holidays of every nation. I figure we'd work about 2 days per year and the rest would be spent in, mostly, joyous celebration.

Flower Clipart Images

all we need is love...

ta ta